June 22, 2023

When building a small business, my son Ryan and I found out very early that we would  have to differentiate ourselves from the bigger, better capitalized and frankly more capable firms that we found as our new competition. These folks that we competed against had been around longer and knew more than our group of half a dozen or less people who were all new to the business of wireless infrastructure building and development. But we learned our lessons quickly, took some lumps and rebounded with vigor, determination, and a bit of a chip on our shoulder. This matters because we can all take some lessons from what this school of hard knocks gave us as high tuition instruction. The lessons work for any size business or enterprise.

Here goes …. The first lesson was that the standards that we developed for performance in our business must be higher than anyone we came up against. We did this by demanding so much of ourselves that the people who worked for us got incredulous looks on their faces that screamed, “You expect that of me too?” In a word, YES! Not just yes but emphatically YES!!!!!!! I expect that of me so now I know it can be done and if you want to win alongside me, I expect it of you as well. They came alongside and the response was amazing. If you can do it for the team, I too can do it for the TEAM!

We had to quantify this as we grew so the standard became known as a phrase that was understandable by the old grizzly veteran or the new just out of high school kid. We just said, “Perfect is good enough.” Some people have fought us on that and even told us it was unreasonable. But the standard defines the effort that strains towards an outcome, not a deliberate morale busting destination. At the end of the day if we strive for perfection and only hit awesome, that’s a win! 

As it turns out, perfect actually is good enough! 

Second lesson to come…

April 27, 2023

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