007 Facta, Non Verba

August 8, 2023

These words were quoted during a short speech I just gave to a group gathered to celebrate the philanthropy of a large corporation. The contemporary versions in America might sound like; actions speak louder than words or promises mean nothing. But the connotation provides great clarity.

Titus Livius was a Roman historian born in Northern Italy about 59 BC. He is credited with being the author of the “History of Rome” and was well placed to do so as he counted both Augustus and Claudius as friends. His work tells the story of Rome from its foundation through the death of Caesar Augustus who remains one of the most powerful Roman Emperors in history. In short, Titus Livius was well thought of, well connected and a good fellow.

He is credited with the saying, “Facta, non verba.” Which translates to “Deeds, not words”. This was followed by Basil in 350 AD “A tree is known by its fruit, a man by his deeds.” Final quote comes from around 1600 AD when the Romans were quoted by “Acta virum probant.” The actions prove the man.”

In this age of moral relativism, where words are many, today’s leaders can readily learn from these ancient Roman scholars. What we do is intrinsically more important than what we say. As my own parents coached eight kids growing up in the midwest; “talk is cheap”, and “the proof is in the pudding!”

August 7, 2023

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