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June 23, 2024

As I press into the “new” career which involves speaking into people’s lives, I find myself watching and listening more. I found an example of this while on a family vacation with my sister, brothers and their spouses. Sarah and I stood up on a hillside overlooking the famous prison of “The Count of Monte Cristo”, Edmond Dantes played by Jim Caviezel. The appearance of this place in the film was much darker than the lovely island castle basking in the warm Mediterranean sun. I was struck by the contrast and listened as my wife remarked on how impressive it was.

The thought occurred to me that the place had literally been used as a fortress, a prison and a celebrated tourist attraction. Everyone who stood near us had a differing perspective of this remarkable place. People’s perspective was dependent upon their view. It was also tied to previous experience. One person’s hope lay in a defensive fortress to save the throne, another’s was that of an infamous secure prison for religious or political prisoners and finally, just the cool movie set outside Marseille, France.

The island was the perfect penal colony due to the isolated location and dangerous offshore currents. It is rumored to be an escape-proof location, much like Alcatraz Island in California. It was known as one of the most feared and notorious jails in France.

Beautiful to look at, wonderful to visit and yet steeped in both fear and awe. As I listened and watched, I was surprised by the differing opinions and perspectives. Speaking into people’s lives seems to have helped me watch and listen more. Another terrific reason for me to thank my audiences!!!  

June 23, 2024

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  1. Very interesting take on the fortress. Makes me think of it in a different way now! Thanks for sharing the perspective.

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