September 25, 2023

011 Effort

We are continually reminded from a young age to give it our best effort. We teach, train and cajole people at every stage of life to give it your all. Employees, teammates, co-workers, children, parents and virtually anyone coachable gets that encouragement. It is part of what separates Americans from most of the rest of the world. Sure, we count wins and losses. We treasure victory and honor the victors in sports, business and life in general. But the effort required to accomplish our goals and the discipline it takes to produce any great success comes on the character-building platform of effort.   

Effort then is a continual process of getting better and yields intrinsic benefit that precedes any triumph. I have been around long enough to see that when significant effort produces results that the effort itself has as much or perhaps even more reward than the ultimate outcome. In my experience effort builds more resilience than achievement, and it lasts much longer.

The photo of the stack of boarding pass tickets for a single flight shown in the photo did not result in a successful trip for me, but the effort of the ticketing agents at Alaska Airlines will ensure I remain a valued customer for years to come.

Celebrate the effort and enjoy the conquest when it arrives!

September 25, 2023

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