Grampion – Really?

June 20, 2023

Yes, really, the origin of the Grampion factually is attributable to the clever mind of my Grandson Wes. He has an incredibly quick wit and one day had some fun messing with his Grandpa, that would be me! Wes approached me and subsequently informed me that I was no longer a Grandpa. WHAT!!!!! “Wes, you don’t get to tell me that I am no longer a Grandpa,” I retorted! Well Grandpa, you are no longer a Champion either, smirked Wes. Now, I was somewhere between perplexed, confused and angered by this thirteen-year-old who was obviously in complete control of the conversation. Wes was in his element and the shock value of his proclamation was working to maximum effect. Like any wise teenager, Wes let the confusion lead me to ask him a question rather than try to diffuse my obvious distress. “Wes,” I said, “If I am not a Grandpa and not a Champion, then what am I?” Without missing even a blink Wes recovered and declared my new title. “You are now Grampion!” he exclaimed! Immediately, with full understanding and frankly significant levels of relief, I was able to appreciate my new and highly improved moniker. The process was quite brief, and this was the first time I never had to ponder the unintended consequences of a nickname.

I have grown to love the handle Wes gave me that day and am incredibly happy that it stuck. It has spawned a new level of communication with people of virtually every age and it has begun many conversations where Jim may not have been welcomed, but The Grampion was ushered in like a new royalty. Not only am I going to keep my handle, I have embraced it and am grateful to Wes for the gift and his quick wit!

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