How Long – How Fast?

September 6, 2023

009 How Long, How Fast?
My cruise experience will be written about in quite a few of these next blogs. There are a bunch of things to write about with that number of people crammed onto a steel box floating in the ocean. Many of the experiences with my wife and friends were amazing. Some of my solo type moments were poignant as well. This was one of those alone times. My headphones were blaring music and my feet were trying to keep up the pace on the elliptical trainer that works me out hard and yet cares for my bum leg. When you work out on the ship you typically get to gaze over the nothingness of empty ocean. Today was not one of those days.
Our cruise ship was trailing behind an ocean freighter. We were going a bit quicker than the freighter, but one would have to watch closely to notice the difference. As I worked out the plan for this blog was set in my mind, it came in two parts.

  1. When I ran that day the first mile was pretty rough, the second was easier and the third was the best. Best time, best feeling, and best mental state. The most difficult part of my workout that day did not happen in the gym. It was the distance between my stateroom and the gym. It took more to get me there than it did to work out. Lesson: Just get up and go!
  2. The ship that started ahead of us slowly slipped behind us taking my full 3 mile run just to get ahead of the freighter. It reminded me of my son Ryan as a young swimmer at the US Air Force Academy poll in Colorado Springs. The pool ceiling had text painted on it. Probably best read by the back stroke contestants. The text read some thing like this: “It’s not how long you swim, it’s not how fast you swim, it’s how long you swim fast.”

In this season of life, I find myself wanting to keep going, but first, I must get going. This is more than just about sports; it is about life. I encourage everyone who reads this to encourage one another and hold this Jim accountable for going to the other gym!

September 5, 2023

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