Know the Flow

July 18, 2023

People always used to say just go with the flow. I probably heard this more than my share of the time due to my intense nature. What does “Go with the flow” mean to you? Well I listened to my friend Seth Buechley on his terrific podcast called Business Done Right, when he interviewed Dave Alpern, President of Joe Gibbs Racing and found a new meaning.

Choosing to be a Fountain: Lessons from Dave on Being a Positive Force

The podcast is linked above, but Dave helped me refocus my strategy when facing a week that I may not have been ready for. I took an idea out of both his book and his podcast and decided to act like a positive force during a trade show when in fact I would have rather been at home. Dave provides the analogy to be either a drain or a fountain. A drain is generally all negative pressure that draws energy away from a body of water. Sure, it may claim some dirt off the bottom, but in reality, that will only clog pipes sooner or later. The other choice is to be a fountain! It is beautiful, makes a lovely background noise and aerates the water. Truthfully, I think everyone enjoys a fountain, I know I do.

Becoming a Positive Force: Lessons from Seth’s Podcast and Dave’s Book

So, I decided to correct my attitude and to try and be a fountain. Rather than go with the flow, I chose to know the flow, take the temperature in the room and be a positive force whether I wanted to be there or not! I encourage3 you all to listen to Seth’s podcast and go get the book “Taking the Lead” by Dave Alpern. I’m certain you will get a lift out of them both!

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