November 9, 2023

In an effort to communicate better, we have designed streamlined and refined languages and skill sets that generally mean something. As specialization occurs, we must take that to the next level as the language becomes more complex. As an example. the computer industry has transformed our language with new words and even phrases since the launch of DOS. Who would have known we would be communicating in Terabytes?

In aviation the same specialization complexities have continued to put themselves on display. Just a few years ago there was no truly functional GPS (Global Positioning System). Who could have foreseen that it would enable an Autoland system? Yes, there it is a fully functional Autoland system. Words and meanings simple, clear and understandable. The plane lands itself.

When we, as managers, provide direction through differing communication means it is just as important to be clear and concise and ensure  the listener understand what we say and what we mean. That’s why I love the aviation signage shown. It says:

  • Here is where you are, Taxiway Bravo 8.
  • You’re coming up on a runway.
  • To your left is Runway 28 Left, to your right is Runway 10 Right.

    • Runway 28 is around 280° on your compass when landing or departing.

  • Runway 10 is around 100° on your compass when landing or departing.
    • Runway 28 Left is on the left side of 28 Right.

    • Runway 10 Right is on the right side or 10 Left.

All of this information is included in a simple sign with 8 characters. Just make sure you understand the language prior to taxiing out on the runway, or instructing someone else where to go. Clear and concise is an ever-changing target. Managers should ensure that they are understood across all generations.

November 9, 2023

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