Learning to FLY!

October 8, 2023

Aviation, at first appearance is complex. New words perhaps even a new language. New technologies, instruments and gauges or screens. But it is actually an exercise in discipline. Mostly the discipline to be patient and learn the things that should become important enough to commit to memory. As an example, I started my aviation journey, like most everyone in a Cessna 172 trainer, N808TP. This was incredibly cool and soon I was departing the airport on my own and flying albeit not very far. Soon I realized that in the rainy part of the Pacific Northwest I would need an instrument rating to fly through the clouds, new skills, new language. Then I discovered that in order to fly over the Cascade Mountain Range, I might prefer more altitude and of course a bit more speed. Airplanes, after all are supposed to save time! Turbocharged aircraft was purchased, N1445H a Piper Saratoga, “The Patriot”! This red, white and blue beauty was all I would ever need! The high performance and complex aircraft could fit any antennae and clearly take me cross country. For 14 years I was in love with this aircraft, still am even though it has a new owner.
I was flying over the Rocky Mountains between Bozeman, MT and Boise, ID and passed over the incredible “River of No Return Wilderness Area” and sought out my landing areas. Nope, there were no available landing areas. I made that trip many times including at night, but this trip I became convinced that I should move to a twin engine before I made the geography prophetic and went down in the “No Return” part of my route! I moved into a twin engine and again learned to be a patient learner of new technologies, new languages and memory items that are incredibly important. Enter the Eclipse 500 very light jet. The perfect aircraft for my mission profile. The “Lady Liberty”!!! The last aircraft I will ever have ….. maybe not!
My point is that we must keep learning and growing or risk stagnation and complacency. If you’re moving forward with momentum, you will be difficult to stop. Folks who are habitual learners are hard to stop because they keep momentum. Habitual learners are not afraid to try new things or embark on new adventures, simply because they view them as opportunities to learn. I will blog more about aviation in the future, because I still have a lot more to learn!
October 8, 2023

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