Managing Expectations

July 11, 2023

I recently travelled to Hawaii with my wife. We were there to celebrate our Grandson’s educational experience on the island of Kauai, the Garden Isle! Colby, the grandson, was just finishing up a one year program at the Anchor House Bible College. We had a wonderful time and got to know some of his classmates and instructors. The place gets high marks from me. But his parents were there before we were and that is the basis for this story. You will find Colby’s version as told to me below.

We asked Colby where this poor college kid would like to eat when his Rah-Rah (grandma) and Grandpa came to town. He did not flinch waver or hesitate, “We need to get you to Keoki’s Paradise”, he exclaimed. “You’re gonna love it and they have the best dessert on the island, is’ called Hula Pie.” Well, we made the reservation and prepared ourselves for some of the famous seafood that Hawaii is famous for and of course, the Hula Pie. As the time came for us to go out to dinner, Colby began to coach us on the menu items he thought we might like. I wanted the fresh catch crusted with macadamia nuts and parmesan; it looked delicious, but instead went for the Duroc Pork Ribs with Island BBQ Sauce. I was not disappointed. But then came dessert.

Much like he did with his father just weeks before, Colby built up the taste, size, and everything else about Hula Pie. The pie was ordered, and a discussion began around how his mom and dad liked the now famous dessert. Colby talked about how his mom loved it and his dad didn’t really eat very much because it is coated in chocolate sauce. Anyone who knows Ryan would know he doesn’t like chocolate. Colby created this mental picture of pie, better yet, ice cream pie made with macadamia nut ice cream. As a fact he forgot to mention the Oreo Cookie crust and the topping, both of which are chocolate. Incredibly good dessert, but poorly managed expectations. Ryan ate a few bites of some nut ice cream while dodging chocolate sauce and chocolate cookies. Important lessons here regarding knowing what your clients expectations are and fashioning your presentations around their likes..

Word to the wise, they also have Taro Coconut Bread Pudding with Butter Rum Glaze! Get me your Hula Pie stories by visiting and shoot me your reviews!

May 5, 2023

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