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Explore more about Jim’s highlights! (a.k.a The Grampion!)

Explore more about Jim’s highlights!
(a.k.a The Grampion!)

A Glimpse Into
The Grampion’s Books

Building Men

Building Men is a collection of stories from a lifetime of experiences in family, business and culture. Accepted for Publishing by Morgan James in 2023.
Will be released early 2024!

Worship Disorder

Worship Disorder is a look into the formation and rationale behind the Mission House. This working title has been accepted for publishing by a major Christian Publishing house.

Will be released late 2024!

What people are saying

“Jim was simply and surprisingly the best keynote our Association has ever had.”

National Trade Association
Executive Director

“Just a quick note to tell you what a great job you did at our conference. It was a strong message delivered very charismatically.”

Trade Magazine Editor

“Just wanted to say we really enjoyed your speech at the Wireless West 2016 conference and found it very insightful.”

Event Executive

“Jim, you are the best emcee ever. Fantastic at our 2019 Conference.”

Digital Media Editor

“Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your speech at the conference and found it very insightful.”

Insurance Association
Executive Director

“Invite him back, he knows his stuff! Very interesting presentation!” 

Public Safety Official

“Outstanding and relevant to today and tomorrow!” 

National Conference

Jim engages and inspires
audiences to build and serve
their teams as a speaker.

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Epic Moments

Jim has been featured in

Jim's Publications and Television Highlights

  • “Numerous Bi-Monthly Articles & Chairman’s Corner”. Tower Times Magazine, Watertown, SD. 2000-2018

  • “Overcoming the Elements” – Cover Story & Cover Photo.  Forest Products JournalCover Story - March 2000 Vol. 50 No. 3. 2000

  • “Engineering for Performance”. Int’l Builders Show - National Association of Home Builders, Dallas, TX. 1999

  • “Welcome Home” & “Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build” - Construction Executive Producer.
    CBS This Morning (5 Broadcast Days with Mark McEwen, Harry Smith and Bob Vila) Live Remote from
    Yonkers, NY 1998

  • ‘Home Again’ with Bob Vila - 13 Broadcast Episodes, 1999/2000 Season. 1999

  • “PATH - Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing”. Co-Presenter with President William J. Clinton
    and Bob Vila. Santa Monica, CA. 1998

  • “Habitat for Humanity - Design Judge”. Residential Architect Magazinea Hanley Wood Publication,
    Washington, DC. 1997

  • “International Builders Show, Green Products”. HGTV – Scripps Networks, Houston, TX. 1997

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