November 2, 2023

“Rules were made to be broken!” said some idiot right before he went to the hospital.
Rules are formed and enforced on the backs of people like us to protect us from people like that. Case in point, today’s photo illustration comes to you from the Big Salty Range in Salt Lake City. That’s the place where long guns and pistols get safely discharged on a regular basis just like any gun range in America. Unfortunately, there are historical events which have led to a ginormous list of rules and regulations to be read before even entering the range.
Every time someone pulls a hairbrained stunt or does something they soon regret; someone writes a new rule. That’s how these lists get longer, and we get rulemaking by all the three and four letter agencies charged with protecting us from us. Somewhere we have lost the requirement that we be personally responsible for our own actions. I clearly remember being a youngster and knowing I was going to be in big trouble when I got home. It was imprinted on my backside that bad ideas were not to be carried out. I still remember those lessons quite well.
Yes, rules and order are good and even necessary for societal order, but what is better? Take a look at any of the things that allow for education and/or self-correction. I learned about firearm safety from:
 Training by trauma. – My Brothers
 Mentoring by elders. – My Grandpa and Dad
 Learning by doing. – Self Taught
 Structured Education. – Firearms education from NRA Instructors
 Mentoring by others. – My son-in-law who is a great shooter.
 Formal Education. – Classroom and field training by Professional shooters & trainers.
 Teaching. – I have taught my kids and others some things about shooting.
Here’s my points to ponder:
 I learned absolutely nothing from that awesome sign at the Big Salty Range.
 We need to allow common sense to become common again.
 Personal responsibility is the only truly scalable thing on the planet.
 If the scars aren’t going to be too bad, warn them and then watch them. Bet that hurt a bit, huh?
 Follow the medical training model: watch one, do one, teach one.
 Mentor someone and be mentored. You don’t know it all!
 Have fun and be smart about it.
 Don’t contact me with anti-gun rhetoric, I learned about that in grade school.

November 2, 2023

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