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July 25, 2023

In 1996 I was given an exceptional timepiece as a gift. It was a significant award for sales and production of our single manufacturing facility that set a new all time record. Every so often it is necessary to restore the watch because it has adorned my wrist virtually every day for 27 years. My wrist is used to having a watch, so I just purchased a watch from the ÉGARD Watch Company to wear until the restoration is completed. Prior to purchase I had never heard of ÉGARD but found out about them from a simple albeit excellently produced series of YouTube videos.

ÉGARD: A Family Business With Values That Resonate

I will not enter a cultural argument here, because I don’t engage like that online. What I will say is that ÉGARD attracted my attention through an unusual channel and let me know they stand for values that resonate with a significant share of the market they serve. They are a family business. They delight in the history of their company. They paint a picture of contentment in the relationship between a father and son who work together. They have produced eight films that describe what their company stands for and use them to relate to the audience they think they can serve. I do not believe that ÉGARD panders to an audience, I believe they articulate their beliefs to draw like minded people towards their products.

ÉGARD: Knowing Themselves and Their Customers

It has been said before that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. I think that ÉGARD is a great example of a business that knows themselves and because of that, they know their customer. They will never cover a blue state in watches, but I’m not sure they want to.

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