Stand Out!

October 2, 2023

Quite some time ago a tower worker sent me this incredible photo of a frog! He marveled at the color and the description contained within the photograph. It really needed no words from the wet Pacific Northwest weather and the small rocky beach to the coloration and clarity of the frog. It was wonderful to receive such a great unfiltered communication from a fellow worker.
As I dwell on it today, it dawns on me that the frog is not afraid to stand out! While the canopy of the Pacific Northwest rainforest offers camouflage and concealment, our web-footed friend opted for the beach. He traded security for freedom!
There are many lessons we could learn from the frog today. Please hit me up when you think of more, but for starters:
• Those who trade freedom for security may just have it backwards.
• Don’t be afraid to take some risks and stand out, you might actually get noticed.
• The rocky terrain of life is sometimes difficult but usually very manageable.
• Spend some extra time on the beach!
• With risk comes the reward of a view!
• Send your boss a crazy picture, they need a smile too!
October 2, 2023

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