The 7 C’s of Leadership

October 16, 2023

In my keynote on leadership I use the letter C to help keep me on track. It helps me focus on the lessons I learned from other people who either paid the tuition or get the credit for my low tuition lessons. Here is a brief look at the way I think leaders can improve continually by reflecting on the “How” they are moving forward. Then they must act to continually improve:

  • Character – Leroy Lundell was my first boss out of college. He as much as any other man had very high character expectations of me and followed up with difficult accountability questions.
  • Confidence – Tom Lundell was my first sales manager out of college. He taught me to not sell but to bring solutions to the customer. He has as much earned confidence rooted in experience of anyone I’ve ever met.
  • Competence – Mike McKenna, is an English Architect who was my boss & mentor when turning around Premier. He could often be quoted saying “The numbers never lie!” He wanted you to know your job, your role, and the facts about your business. He demanded preparation which bred competence.
  • Clarity – Modified SCRUM Team. Our Branding Team at Ontivity knew exactly where we were going and exactly when we would be there. We had no idea what the route would be but we accomplished a tremendous amount in a very short time. We did so because we “Knew the Mission.” Clarity of mission is essential.
  • Communication – Ryan Tracy is my son and business partner. One time he took me aside and let me know I was not very good at reading people in the room. He told me that my jump right in style was not allowing me to: “Take the Temperature!” That coaching moment was priceless!
  • Change – Greg Hayes was a manager I worked with when forging a new career with a turnaround! As we strode together into the mess created by other people, he helped me to learn new ways and not be hesitant to change as what they did before did not work! Greg led the charge to: “Embrace Change!”
  • Courage – Go For It!!!!! My mom and my wife taught me not to hesitate due to uncertainty. Their faith in my abilities created a strong sense of purpose and ownership in success. When I told my wife we should start a new business with a 17-year-old son I told her that the prospect scared me, she replied, “Scared has NOTHING to do with it!”

If a person has these traits in ever increasing quantity, and surrounds themselves with people of character, failure becomes a non-option! Build on yourself by building your C’s!

October 16, 2023

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