The Grind

September 11, 2023

010 The Grind
My cruise experience included not only the workouts, but many enjoyable things. Great time eating and hanging out with friends and my wife Sarah. But I was also reminded that just like the workout atmosphere I found in the gym, it was a grind to write on the ship. Writing is not just a talent, but a passion and perhaps the best way to describe what you are really experiencing. That is true because when you write, every word is precious and thought out as an expression rather than a typical rambling discussion where words come at a steep discount and paragraphs roll into meaningless paragraphs or even chapters of drivel.
Writing is then a grind but not for the reasons one would usually attribute a grind. Working out with weights is rewarding immediately. You feel the burn and the rush of effort to improve. There is short term reward in the discipline of lifting. There is also near-term reward in setting a goal and reaching it relatively quickly. Hey, that’s how new PR’s or personal records are set. The achievement is not today but could come as soon as next week with hard work and good rest. There is also long-term reward when you look in the mirror or your wife lets you know she is noticing the changes that are the result of longer-term working out. In short, there is reward across all portions of the workout grind.
I have not yet found the same flow of reward in writing. This craft is not as rewarding in the short term because you just get somewhat mentally fried and sometimes without much movement or improvement in the project. When you get a little farther away from the keyboard, you want people to notice. You give the work to an editor, either volunteer or paid and they do their job. They tell you what is wrong with the effort! Then the publishers get ahold of a manuscript and really like it except for the second rewrite that must occur.

Message to self: Stop whining and enjoy the grind! You’ve been given a gift. Just Do It!

September 12, 2023

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