The Recovering CEO

April 3, 2024

Recently I was at a marvelous convention of the National Speakers Association in Albuquerque, NM. This conference called “Thrive” was a complete smashing success for me! The folks who were there are the top presenters and professional speakers in the world. The also happen to be the encouragers extraordinaire who were there to help and support people like me who may be in the early stages of their third career.
I sometimes have struggled with my identity since leaving my post as Legacy Telecommunications CEO. During my weekend, I finally got a handle on who I am or at least what I have become. My title is no longer CEO, making me feel that somehow my relevance or self-worth had greatly fallen alongside or been tarnished. What I learned from these great encouragers is that my life experience has added value to the equation I bring to the stage and screen. As a professional speaker my experience adds more relevance and more data points from which to collect lessons and low tuition learning for my audiences and recipients of my coaching.
What I learned is that adding a new level of humility to my experience has added significant value to the people I long to help. My job, my calling, my heart’s desire has always been to help others. It is now, again, my occupation, my avocation and my mission. It has helped complete me as I enter this new chapter of life with my brand-new title: The Recovering CEO!
And, it’s a pretty cool title!
April 3, 2024

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