Writing a Book

May 2, 2024

The process of writing a book sounds easy, relaxing and enjoyable. Not everything is as it first appears! When you are good at creating content, it does not mean you are good at creating good content. Then the question comes up are you good at creating great content? If you are, bless your heart! I, on the other hand, have to work very hard at creating content that is acceptable to me then to the editor and finally to the publisher.

I have always had a high bar for quality in the work both that our company produced and the work that I produce. Effort means something, but if it yields poor quality, it must be measured by the output which is less than desirable. So, the work product must be exceptional. The problem I have with writing is that seldom is the first go around actually good enough. Then the editor checks in and let’s you know what better reads like. Then the publisher does a pre-read and makes “suggestions” for improvements.

During the time that other folks are working on the second or third rewrite of my book, I have already launched into the second book, and the first must be revisited. And revisited. And revisited! You get the picture!

In the final analysis, I want you to know a couple things: Book 1 is nearing publication. It is called “Building Men” and it has been changed to be incredibly better by both editors and publishers for you! Finally, book 2 is rough written and should publish soon after. It is called “Management by Cliché” and is going to go through the same processes to make it better for you as well.

I hope these efforts serve the needs of you, the people I create content for! I work for you!

April 30, 2024

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